Our Mission

The mission of General Cognition is to shrink the 40 hour workweek to 20 minutes.

We believe such an ambitious goal is not only necessary in a world of aging populations, but is within reach by offloading knowledge work to machines.

We are doing this by creating an on-device assistant that operates at the same level of abstraction as human workers.

Computing hasn't boosted productivity

In 1987, American economist Robert Solow quipped “You can see the computer age everywhere but the productivity statistics”. Despite nearly 40 years of advancement since, the spirit of that statement remains true. In the United States, the smartphone era has been the most economically stagnant period of the last century.

Much of this stagnation is due to the increase in knowledge work overhead added to nearly every job. Workers in every industry spend over 58% of their time doing tasks adjacent to their profession, like filling in timesheets, writing reports, and entering data.

Compounding this burden across every employee in an organization, and every organization in an economy has resulted in trillions of dollars in lost productivity.


An Assistant for everyone

Personal computers are where all knowledge work happens. An assistant working closely with a human directly on their device creates seamless hand-offs and continuity between the user's work and the assistant's work.

By virtue of operating on-device, privary and security concerns are sidestepped since no data ever leaves the user's device.

Tight integration with local hardware results in lower latencies and tighter feedback loops between the user and assistant. It also ensures that any tool the user uses on their system is accessible to the assistant, with the same accounts and permissions.

The future is now

We've deployed Assistant on tasks in finance and engineering industries, where they're writing code and getting work done today.

Accelerating this path to mass-adoption remains our singular focus. We will be distributing Assistant in a closed beta shortly. Sign up for the waitlist to hear about when it's your turn.